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Birthdate:Jun 18
Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America
The name says it all. Pretty much, I'm a lovable loser, or maybe not so lovable, who on the outside appears happy, but on the inside houses a bottomless pit of despair that eats away at him on a hourly basis. A friend of mine suggested that I start writing, so that's what I'm doing. I came across this site and thought that I can do it here. Here is where I can start fresh. No one I know will be able to easily find me here as far as I know. Even to my closest of friends, I have a really hard time opening and even if I reveal things, they're mere layers and I just hold back out of fear and bad experiences that involve trust. I could make this a page where I can show my light hearted side and talk about things I like or hate, but that's what sites like facebook and twitter are for. This site… this is where I will show off a different side of me. The side that I don't show a lot of people, the side that I'm just… too afraid to let out… the things I’m embarrassed about. Ashamed of. This is a serious thing for me. I have my sense of humor and light side, but here... don't expect me to show it. I can easily say that I’m not here to make friends as I won't on this page a lot, but then again... maybe I can come across people here who...get it. People who won't judge. I just… things need to start changing in my life and I just hope that this will be the first step to get it started. Again, this is serious. If you're someone who happens to be a troll, an idiot, insincere, hateful, spiteful, fake, and immature, please, do your own thing on someone else's page as I won't put up with it here. Thank you. The things I will be discussing will include my life, heartbreak, mental health, emotional health, physical health, sex, suicide, violence, love, sadness, just things that have me down. I plan to discuss it all in one lengthy blog, which will most likely be my only blog here, unless there's an update that will need sharing. I will tell it here and can only hope that people, especially my friends when or if I finally show them this, will get it and me.. One more note, throughout this, I will remain mostly anonymous, meaning I will not reveal my real name, other webpages, e-mail, ims, and nor will I upload pictures of myself. Not yet at least, if at all. Thank you for taking your time to read. If you're put off already and wish to further have nothing to do with me, I can respect that. Otherwise I do hope you're someone who can understand where I'm coming from.
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